Cameron's Story
Cameron's Success

Cameron's Story

"After three to five years of being in and out of the prison system, I found myself alienated from my family and friends..."  

"Much of this was brought on while I was in high school.  I wanted to fit in with the others and found myself using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and life spiraled out of control.  With the behavior came a lifestyle of running hard and partying hard.  I found myself on the wrong side of the law by running and dealing drugs that eventually landed me in a cycle of being in and out of prison.  The last time I got out, my family rejected me; my friends didn’t want anything to do with a guy living on the streets or in abandoned buildings, who was smelly.  They were scared I would steal from them, which I would if I had to eat or get drugs."

"I had been put through the canned programs to either quite using or substitute another substance that was legal to handle my growing and overpowering addiction.  It was when at an agency a counselor told me if I really wanted to change my life and get a new start I should check into the Sunday Breakfast Mission.   When I came to the Mission as an overnighter it would be a discussion with Kevin, a graduate from the program who was serving at the front desk, that helped me see how God would use this place to challenge me and change my life."

Now slightly over a year later Cameron has completed the first phase towards his full certification as a licensed HVAC specialist.  When Cameron graduated from SBM's Discipleship Program, his hope was to complete the first phase of training through Del Tech and get hired by a company that would allow him to be an apprentice and support him in the final phase to become licensed. 

Because you the donors and supporters of SBM provided Cameron the foundation to experience life-transformation.