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Psalm 145:4 says “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.”

Your story matters, and your loved ones need to hear it.

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Writing a Love Letter to Your Family

People love a good story. But what could be more meaningful than hearing the stories of loved ones who have gone before you? Imagine the impact you could make by writing down your personal thoughts and sharing your values. One of the best ways we’ve found is with a “Legacy Love Letter.”

A Legacy Love Letter is not a legal document, but it can be added to your Estate Plan. It’s a letter you create simply to pass a blessing on to the next generation — in a way that resonates and inspires. It may feel intimidating to write a letter of this nature at first, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are three things to include:

  • Your beliefs and values. What experiences or people helped shape your journey of faith? What do you believe regarding money, service, raising children or marriage? What Christian causes or ministries are you passionate about and why?
  • Life lessons. Can you list the defining moments that impacted the trajectory of your life? What were some of your biggest joys and regrets? How did these help develop Christ-like character in your life?
  • Words of encouragement. Nothing makes a person’s heart swell quite like “I love you.” Are there especially meaningful or encouraging words or Scriptures you want to leave with those you love most?

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