New Stories

Anthony's Story

New Stories | May 19, 2021
After years of using drugs, one morning Anthony realized he was in the fierce grip of addiction— and it was getting worse. Before long, everything that he had worked for was falling apart… He found himself hopeless and spiritually bankrupt. “I knew I needed help. As a self-employed electrician, I …

Rob's Story

New Stories | April 29, 2021
Reluctant and insecure about life, Rob entered Sunday Breakfast Mission’s New Life Program not knowing if SBM would be the place to help him gain back sobriety. Working over the past 25 years for a food importer, Rob lost his job when the company closed six years ago.  Frustration and the …

Aubrey's Story

New Stories | April 22, 2021
Aubrey by his own account was brought up in a good home and did well in school.  It would be while serving in the armed forces that the use of alcohol and drugs began to take control of his life.  The control of drugs and alcohol consumed Aubrey’s life for 35 years.  He went through …