Past Stories

Cameron's Story

Past Stories | April 22, 2021
​ "After three to five years of being in and out of the prison system, I found myself alienated from my family and friends..."   "Much of this was brought on while I was in high school.  I wanted to fit in with the others and found myself using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis and …

Ispa's Story

Past Stories | April 22, 2021
In July of 2012 devastating events occurred that left Ispa Burns' life shattered. These events later led her to Sunday Breakfast Mission in October of 2012.  When she arrived at the Mission she felt as if she had lost everything. She even felt as though she had lost herself. Often times …

Kevin's Story

Past Stories | April 22, 2021
"So often people assume that the homeless person they see on the street probably had a bad start to life. Perhaps he was born into a broken home, perhaps she was abused as a little girl, perhaps his dad beat his mom and that's why he started drinking. Statistically, this is normally true. But there …