2022 Annual Report

The past couple of years have been difficult to navigate, but because you give... you serve... and you care, we have been able to meet the needs of thousands who are experiencing homelessness, hunger, and hurt.


Single Women Eating

You and Sunday Breakfast Mission provided...

59,102 Nights of Safe Shelter

Navigating life on the street is dangerous and overwhelming. for the past 130 yrs. Sunday Breakfast Mission has been providing many of Wilmington's homeless men, women, and children with safe comfortable shelter. Providing nightly shelter for the wandering soul let's them know they are not alone. We see them and we want them to be safe and warm.

“I went into the entry way of the apartment building across the street for protection and sleep and Kevin (a former graduate of SBM’s New Life Program) came out of his apartment and said I couldn’t sleep there and needed to leave.  I explained my situation and Kevin took the time to get me into SBM that night. I got a bed and slept my first peaceful sleep in a long time!”
Lamont, SBM Graduate


Single Women Eating

You and Sunday Breakfast Mission provided...

283,763 Nutritious Meals

When Sunday Breakfast Mission opens its doors each night, hundreds of hungry people arrive desiring a hearty meal and needing their body to be cared for and nourished. With each meal given comes the opportunity to provide more than just a meal. It provides the opportunity to offer hope and help for many homeless and impoverished people in our city.

"It is a privilege to come and receive a meal.  It is such a good feeling to know others care and give to make sure I am not hungry."
Fred, Overnight Guest


Single Women Eating

You and Sunday Breakfast Mission provided since 2005...

269 Graduates a Fresh Start

Battling homelessness is tough enough, but factor in substance abuse, health issues, and many broken relationships, and it becomes a recipe for destruction. Since 2005, Sunday Breakfast Mission has been offering individuals long-term rehabilitation through its New Life Program. Through educational training, work therapy, and Biblical counseling, each New Life resident can find hope and the path to rebuild their lives and be restored to right relationships.

"If you sit still and do the program and allow God in your life… His timing works and you will get your life back."
Tony, New Life Graduate


Single Women Eating

You and Sunday Breakfast Mission provided...

  • 610 Backpacks for children grades K-8.
  • 308 impoverished children with Christmas gifts.
  • 1,124 families with a complete Thanksgiving food box to celebrate the holiday.

Annually Sunday Breakfast Mission reaches out to the surrounding community to care and support those in great need. Through Alazar's Basketball Camp, Back to School Rally, Great Thanksgiving Banquet and Food Outreach, and Christmas Shop, families are receiving the message of hope and extravagant help during critical times in the life of their family.

"I’ve been kind of going through it. I’ve felt like I don’t know where to turn sometimes. I came here to you guys. You guys helped with the backpack. And I was introduced to Thanksgiving. We had a small fire in our kitchen Thanksgiving, so we came here. We enjoyed the meal with you guys, me and my children. We actually just came to eat because we had the fire. The a guy came and said that there is help for my kids for Christmas... I wasn’t expecting you would guys were gonna help out like you did. You don’t know, some people like me, we don’t have it. We’re going through so much! These are things that I cried about to God and he heard it. I wasn’t expecting that. I wasn’t expecting my kids to have a beautiful Christmas. I just thank you guys so much!"
Community Mom