Shaunice's Story

Shanice's Story of Recovery
Shaunice's Story of Healing

Shaunice’s story tells how her physical, emotional and spiritual life was changed through her entry into the Bible Based Rehabilitation Program of Sunday Breakfast Mission.  She entered the Mission, according to her own account, as a woman who was angry, combative, depressed and with low self-esteem.

“My life had spun so far out of control.  I felt dead; that no one loved me and if they did, they ended up just using me and hurting me. I felt totally useless and had no hope of a job to take care of my children.  I came into the Mission having pushed away my family and friends, because I had concluded it was just me and my kids against the world.”

“I came into the Mission’s program,” Shaunice states, “because I had no other choice. I dreaded being here, but I was in a bad situation and needed to change my life.” 

Her initial attitude was one of complaining, challenging the boundaries and continually looking out for herself.  She would become frustrated and left on two occasions.  However, her perspective, attitude and outlook on life all changed one night when during a chapel service an invitation was made to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord.  She recalls how it seemed God was speaking to her, that the SBM resident program was what she needed to have this new life.

Shaunice is a testimony of how SBM's Rehabilitation Program works to put off the old nature, habits, attitudes, addictions and lifestyle and to put on a new life.  Shaunice laughs as she says, “Prior to the program, nobody would say anything to me or test me because I would curse them out and put my hands on them.  Now I want to love people for who they are. I want to pray for them and wish the best for them.  When people see me coming, instead of heading the other direction they now embrace me and tell me what a pleasure I am to be around and how I share the love of Jesus with them.”

“I want to thank you, the donors, for making it possible for me to have my life transformed.  Thank you for your generosity--for not only getting my life back together, but most importantly by providing for me to be a mom to my two children who now look up to me, trust me and know I am there for them.”